Saturday, October 5, 2013

Family Rules

                I am pretty sure everybody has at least one strange family rule, whether it is spoken or unspoken.  In my family we had to ask our mom if we could go out for a sleep over or a movie so she could "think about it" ( I'm pretty sure she had her mind made up probably before the question was even done being asked.) We could NOT ask our dad because if we hassled him enough we could almost always get a 'Yes.'   One of my friends parents had to  kiss her mom every night and say they loved her even if they were mad, she said she never said they had to do it but they knew that they did. Think when you would go to a friends house how different things are. At one friends house it was my friends responsibility to cook dinner for her brother and mother and clean up afterwards every night. At another friends house it was the rule that they had to wait for their mother to get home before they would have dinner and often wouldn't start to make dinner until she was home; this often resulted in very late dinners. These spoken and unspoken rules make a family unique.  Through our family we learn what is acceptable and unacceptable social behavior, our habits, how we interact with others and our traditions.

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