Friday, October 25, 2013

        How do you view dates versus dating? For me dates are going out and doing anything from hikes, picnics, seeing a movie or going out to dinner and dancing. Dating is taking the opportunity to get to know people and get involved with others around you. Some people, like a lot of people I went to school with, think that one time hanging out at someones house watching television is a date and after that 'date' they are exclusively dating and that was the pattern they followed. Dating, for me, is seeing someone exclusively and seriously considering them as a potential life companion. If you were to consider dating someone exclusively why would you do it? Do you have lots of similar interests and values? Do you deem the same things important? Don't you think you should? Why did you start liking them initially? Was it mostly physical attraction? Don't get me wrong I will definitely do a double take at those tall,dark, handsome, boys with brown eyes...those are my favorite; but is that our main motivation for wanting to date someone? What happens when you are old and looks fade? Unless you are lucky enough to get one of those people that still look fantastic even as they get older (George Clooney!), but even then, what will you do with all your time together? What do you value in a relationship and and are you willing to sacrifice and compromise for your significant other? In my opinion, in order to make a relationship work, you will have to start thinking about the other person before you think of yourself. Isn't it important to be selfless in a relationship? Wouldn't that be right up there good communication? Isn't that what you would want out of a relationship?

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  1. I agree with your views on dating and it makes me sad to think how many truly believe that "hanging out" is dating! Its strange to realize how much dating has changed in the past fifty years. What are some of these changes? I also agree that attraction should not be the only determinate of dating. How can dating purely because of attraction lead to heartache? I loved the thought you gave of the importance of truly caring for your significant other. When we genuinely care for those we are dating we can start the process of love. You mentioned both the importance of selflessness and communication, how are the two connected?