Saturday, September 28, 2013

So it has come to my attention that the divorce rate isn't nearly as bad as it has been portrayed, but it is still rising. I have also learned that after one divorce, if a person is to  remarry, the chances of them getting another divorce increase. WWHHHHAAT??! I know. Totes cray cray. ( said in an extreme hipster voice.)  It is my non- licensed professional opinion that we should not have made it so easy to obtain divorces nowadays. That way people will consider marriage more carefully before entering into it. Marriage is NOT just a contract that is entered into with someone, I say this because someone had once described marriage to me in that way. (What a bunch of bologna.)  Some people view divorce as an easy out instead of trying to fix their problems, but don't realize that the problems will more then likely be in the next marriage as well and at some point they will have to face them or.... die alone.

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